Current Residencies

Barbara MacKinnon

Jasmine Kamante

Luke Kelly

Dallas McAndrew

Joe Cowin

Mark Whippy

Charlotte Thom​

Anna Parry

Danielle Trilford

Scott Wigglesworth

Lisa Higgins

Rosemary Eagles

Suzanne Levesque

Joan Thurston

Damaris Kingdon-Diaz​

Previous Residencies


Russell Taylor

Matthew Brennan

Milly Watson

David Jones

Esther Deans

Catherine Farquhar

Mahi Garbas

Caityn Manning

Dominic Fritsche

Sarah Pearson

Curtis Holdack

Kate Molloy

Luke Thompson

Jake Larson

Keishya-Marie Adams

Annette Jones

Jessica Tsai

Lucy Melville​

Heidi Crawford

Georgia Kerr

Shane Gallagher

Rachel McGregor

Erika Pearce

Jessica Jacobsen

Mollie Matich

Glenys Cullimore

Susan Graham

Mark Dyer

Richard Kearney

Soojeong Lee

Nick Brandon

Gerardo Valdez

Sarah Williams

Claudia Recorean

Charlotte Yates

Samuel Earp

Laura Balian

Anna Leary

Laurie Drew

Eric Yen

Kit Lawrence

Rhysasaurous Rex

Bonnie Warner-Blackburn

Dawn Ngaamo

Matt Halstead

Janice Evans

Emilie Wright

Charlotte Couttie

Emily Hlavac

Guy Harkness

Sophie Proctor

Sarah Tantrum

John Horner


The Art Studio Collective would like to sincerely thank all of the artists listed above that have been part of our creative community and contributed to its success.